Day 1: San Jose

We arrived in Costa Rica through San Jose International Airport at 4am and quickly collected our luggage and caught a taxi to the center of San Jose. Arriving at our Hotel, Gran Hotel Costa Rica, we find that our rooms will not be ready until 11am, so after a nice breakfast and a quick nap in the lounge we moved into our rooms which were a little small, but pleasant. After another 2 hours catching up from the all night flight we went outside to find that a new years celebration was going on outside, the doorman said it was their yearly Carnival. It was pretty colorful, with everything from marching bands to 18 wheelers doing burn outs. Right away we find ourselves with a bit of a funny bit of culture clash. My parents said ‘it smells like someone is smoking pot’ then we see the police coming, guessing they smelled the same thing, they come up, talk to this guy (don’t know what was said) then he walked away. Like 3 feet away from the police officer is the guy smoking the joint out in the open, and the officer didn’t think twice. We decided after that to walk around the town and explore. We found that the roads are not marked at all, nor are there any addresses anywhere. All of the roads are 1 ways roads too, and the people driving them are friggen insane, and without cross walks, we had a couple scary moments when we thought we were fine to cross the road, then found cars and motorcycles flying towards us. It also seems that Scientology has even made it to Costa Rica haha.


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