Day 4: Escazul

Our stay at the Gran Hotel Costa Rica was over, and we had to move out to the middle of no where to a Quality Inn. We booked all these days in San Jose because we had some extra time, and had to wait for our car reservation for day 6. It seems most everyone in Central America, and the rest of the Christian influenced world have this time off, and a lot of people are touring, so its hard to get reservations for things like that I guess. Anyway so at our good old sterile American franchised hotel, we dropped our stuff off, and caught a taxi out to the “multi plaza” which was supposed to be one of the things to check out around this hotel -_- we get there and its a large suburban shopping mall, straight out of the US, complete with McDonald’s. After that we looked through our travel book, and read about some town in the hills called Escazul that was supposed to be interesting, so we caught a Taxi out there. We get there to find a town with all its windows barred and even the stores with their doors barred closed while open for business. Crime was obviously a problem, and needless to say we were nervous as hell. This wasn’t helped when some guy blitzed out of his mind rolls up to us, and starts talking in Spanish, I caught some words like loco esse, and wouldn’t go away. He looked like trouble, but he eventually gave up harassing us, and went on his way. We caught a taxi back to town and were pretty happy to get back to our hotel room with our wallets. Anyway we arranged to go the next day on a tour to this dormant volcano called Irazu.


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