Day 5: Irazu

We left the hotel at 8am on our tour… I’m not a huge fan of being a tourist going on tours, but it was fun anyway. After stopping at a few hotels we left up to the top of a dormant volcano called Irazu. At the top the wind was very very cold, which surprised us since Costa Rica is very close to the equator. We were up at around 14,000 ft which is getting up there, so the air was thin and cold, even the plants up there had developed differently to cope with the thin air. The volcano had 3 craters, 1 is hardly a crater, and has grasses growing all on it, the second one was deeper but was more or less just a big bowl, and the third, and deepest one had a cold water lake. Apparently the small lake has very high sulfur content giving it an iridescent yellow tint.

After an hour up at the top of the volcano we made our way back down the mountain, stopping at a famous church that was beautifully decorated. There was an interesting story associated with the creation of this church. Supposidly there was this little girl living in the village and one day she was out in the woods and came upon this flat rock with a little doll on it. She thought the doll was beautiful and took it home with her. The next day the doll was no where to be found. She returned to where she had found it the day before and there it was sitting on the rock again. This happened every night, and the residents thought it was a sign from above and built this church where the doll is kept today.

Our next stop was a coffee plantation for lunch at the bottom of this valley called Paradiso which means Paradise more or less. The food was great, and the dessert, this coffee flan was just so amazing. We returned to our hotel at around 6pm tired and satisfied.



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