Day 6: Waterfall

Our car arrived in the morning and we set out for our first destination out in the country side, a hotel/resort about 20 km (about 15 miles I think) from an active volcano called Arenal. As it turns out the roads are incredibly hard to navigate, because nothing is marked… period… not freeways or anything pretty much. After getting lost like 3 times before we even got out of town, we started to find our way, making our way to another volcano along the way called Poas. Along the way we stopped at this very luxurious resort called the Peace Lodge to visit their grounds to see the La Paz water falls. This turned out to be a great idea. They had an enclosed butterfly farm that was filled with 20 some odd species of Costa Rican butterflies. As it turns out Costa Rica has the most species of butterflies in the world, and some of the examples we saw were very interesting. One of the butterflies had this bright reflective blue coloring on the top of its wings, and a brown owl eye type design on the bottom. Others had these cocoons that looked like polished gold nuggets, perfectly metallic.

We then saw a hummingbird aviary, with tons of beautiful hummingbirds of all sorts of colors, completely un-afraid of humans, they would let you get close up, and even some would sit on your hand and sip nectar. This resort also had a frog garden filled with all sorts of rain forest frogs. We got to see those poisonous bright red and blue frogs, and some green frogs that didn’t move, but just hid all day in the same spot.

Then the main event, the view of 5 stunning waterfalls from a number of well maintained trails, bridges and platforms. After thoroughly enjoying the water falls we moved onto our new hotel. Now at lot lower altitude than any of the places we had visited yet, and it showed. The air was very humid and hot at this hotel. Sadly this hotel didn’t have Internet.


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