Day 8: Monteverde

Our stay outside Arenal was over, and it was time for us to move to our new hotel at the top of a mountain in a town called Monteverde(green mountain). We left expecting a short 1hr drive. It turned out to be closer to 5 hours… We expected to just be skirting around the south side of the Arenal Volcano, but as it turns out what we thought to be a road on our crappy map was instead a boarder to the national park… so instead we had to drive all the way around this lake that’s adjacent, effectively doubling our travel distance. Then about half way around the lake, the road became so mired in pot holes all we could do was about 30 mph. After about 1/3rd the way the road became bumpy gravel with hard rocks. After another hour or so of that, we had some smoother gravel roads. Once we got into town we immediately got lost ._. but eventually after asking a few people we found our way to our hotel. The scenes around Monte Verde are incredibly beautiful, the whole town is up at cloud level, and the clouds just roll in over the hills.

Our rooms looked out over the hills towards the pacific ocean. After the long drive we decided to just have some dinner, check our emails at the local Internet cafe then go to bed early. The plan was to sleep early and go out to do the day’s events and exploration early and leave for our new hotel in Jaco beach down on the pacific coast in time to make it by nightfall.


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