Day 9: Bridges

Woke up at like 6am to get ready for the day ahead. We drove up to the top of the local peak to the “Cloud Forest Reserve” with the expectation of doing a 2hr hike around the park on 8 hanging bridges, some as long as 600ft. The bridges cut through the canopy of the ‘cloud forest’ which is apparently a rain forest at high altitude (in the clouds) and several times we were inside the clouds. The hike was really pleasant and we got a nice feel of how the Costa Rican high rain forests. We then were expecting to go on a ‘zipline tour’ which involves sliding down these cables they have strung out through out the reserve going from platform to platform with a harness and pulley kinda system. In New Zealand they are called ‘flying foxes’. Buuut apparently we finished up our tour around the bridges just at peak hours, and without a reservation we would have to wait for a couple hours, and with a long drive ahead we had to drive onto Jaco beach. We left the town back out on a dirt road, and the drive was pretty rough, and the road was very narrow with a loooong 1000 ft drop on each side. The view was great though, after about a 1/3rd the way down the road became paved again and the ride was a lot smoother on the way down than the way up. We arrived at our hotel a lot sooner than we expected, and decided to relax for the rest of the day and travel some more the next day, heading out to El Manual San Antonio which is supposed to be a very nice beach area with snorkeling.


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