Day 10: Jaco

After a nice morning of sleeping in, we went looking for a beach called Manuel San Antonio which is supposed to be well known for its pleasant beaches. After about an hour of driving over some well paved roads (and some of the worst bridges I’ve ever seen, im thankful to be alive still) we reached this beach community filled with upscale resorts. The beach was nice, but over crowded. The surf wasn’t nearly big enough for me to go surfing or boogyboarding, and the water wasn’t calm enough for anything to be seen in the water, though from what I saw of the beach it didn’t look like there would be any snorkeling worth doing, there was hardly any coral at all washed up, and no other sea growth it looked like… We walked around after a bit of sun bathing and found a national park.

In the national park we found a whole troop of monkeys swinging around the trees. We then stumbled across a 3 toed sloth sitting up in a tree. Just as they say on TV, they move so slow that moss and algae grow on them haha. We found a nice spot on the beach, and went for a swim. The water was a lot warmer than I expected, I think maybe 80 degrees.

After a nice bit of time floating around out there with my mom and dad, we went to lunch at a restaurant with a giant plane, I think its called a C-123 or something, right in the middle of the restaurant haha. Apparently it was part of that whole Iran-Contra scandal and a few years ago they shipped the plane out there from San Jose and built the restaurant around it. I got a bit of a sun burn, but hopefully it will become a bit of a tan.


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