Day 11: Ziplines

Today again after sleeping in nice and late, we went up to find a tour for ‘zip lines’ like we had passed up in Monteverde, and decided on one and drove up to their office on the side of a local hill, finding that the tour was $10 more from the place itself than if we had booked the tour from a place in town, we went back to town and booked the tour. Back up at the zip line tour we were suited up in harnesses and helmets and then carted up the local mountain side. After some instructions on how to be safe while on the zipline we were sent down 1 by 1 along the wire. The experience is hard to describe. We went from 1 platform to another, quickly sliding down the wires. Sadly we were moving too fast down the wires to really get a good look at the scenery. It was a lot of fun though, and we all had a good time. After the excitement we spent the rest of the day bumming around.


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