Day 1: Xmas

The trip this year really starts before my flight to Japan. Christmas Eve I drove down to Mexico to spend the holiday with my family. Unlike most years when we spend the holiday state-side, this year Christmas was at my parent’s beach house in Mexico. The place is really quite beautiful, right on the beach overlooking the surf, and my parents as always have an interesting sense of style they bring to decorating the place that really looks good. It was nice seeing the relatives again, and it was very relaxing with the surf rolling away in the background. I hope we can spend next Christmas in Idyllwild with snow! Christmas night after the celebrations, I drove back home to Riverside because in my hurry to get to San Diego I forgot my tour book, and since the drive up the 15 makes the route from San Diego to Riverside to Whittier about the same as from San Diego to Whittier up the 5, I decided it was worth going back for. After grabbing that I drove straight on to Whittier and started writing the CSS styles to make this page, going to bed around 1AM (._.`).


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