Day 2: Flying

Today was a long day to say the least. I woke up at 6am pst, showered, re-packed and set waited for the shuttle, which was 15 minutes late, but with plenty of time to spare, I wasn’t too worried. I managed to get through the whole check-in procedure in around 1h, which is quite quick. I figured with it being the day after xmas the lines would be especially long, that however was not the case! The flight itself was quite long and boring, 11h30m with no leg room and I can’t sleep on planes. Thank god for my PSP and Lumines. The cool thing about the flight though is between movies they would show a computer image of our flight path, along with information like altitude and air speed. Apparently they fly with the Jet Stream both ways, arcing north all the way over Alaska before coming down the coast of Russia to Japan. Apparently over Alaska at 40,000 ft the air is a stunning -69C =o After arriving at the airport I found the JR railways place and exchanged my rail pass voucher for my ticket, but since its only available for 7 days, and I have 10 in Japan, I decided to have it start tomorrow when I do my real traveling, and so I had to buy a ticket for the subway to Meguro, I feel a little bad because I let the guy talk me into buying a express, but as it turns out my stop was a good 1h20min from the airport with the express ticket and would have taken twice that long with the normal pass, so thats why I splurged, after that long on a plane, I really wanted to get to my room, try to meet up with my roommate Shintaro and go have dinner. Sadly when I got out of the airport it was already night time, and I couldn’t see much out of my window other than flashes of bright neon lights every so often, but exiting at Meguro station I was greeted by a bustling city. It took me a little bit of time to find my hotel, I was too stupid apparently to actually print a map and had just written the directions, but with no idea what the street signs say, they weren’t much use. I know better for my next hotel at least. Sadly Shintaro wasn’t able to join me in Tokyo. I went out looking for some food and an ATM machine and found the banks were all closed along with their ATM machines by 8pm jst, and I had to trade money with a traveler from Brazil. I found a nice little Japanese cafe of sorts (I’m not sure what its called), and then went to my room and retired for the night.


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