Day 11: Tokyo

Today was a bit of a disappointing day. I woke up around 8 to have breakfast with the other guests in Fujitomita, my ryokan(hot spring bath hotel), and noticed it had snowed. A lot. In fact, now it was raining, and there was no chance of seeing Fuji today, at least I got 1 picture on my way by on the Shinkansen. It was a good -12C outside, and pouring icy rain, so anything else in Fuji seemed like it would just end with me feeling miserable, so I packed my things and headed back to Tokyo. I’m now in Shinjuku, its still raining and its -1C here, still damn cold. I went out tonight to catch a Kabuki show as my last real thing here in Japan before I fly home tomorrow. There is the national theater called Kabuki-za that has shows once a day, which go on for quite a long time, sometimes 5 hours, but there is an option to buy a 4th floor ticket for $6-15 and watch just a portion, which tonight was two acts that were self contained plot wise for about 2 hours. It was really pretty interesting even though I had little idea what was going on. The first act was about geisha, and was 20 minutes long, and during this part the voices were all done by the music section. The second part which was much longer revolved around kinkokuji and some “castle intrigue”. Tomorrow is my last day in Japan and its only a part day, I need to leave for the airport at around noon for my 4pm flight giving myself about 2hrs to get to narita by rapid train, though if I find myself tight on time I can shell out $15 and get the limited express ticket that takes half that time. I plan to write an update when I’m back in the states with some final thoughts about the trip.


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