Day 12: Home

My last day in Japan, though only really a part day because my flight was at 4pm. I checked out of my hotel then wandered around going to some of the more famous wards of Tokyo. My first stop was down 2 stops on the Yamanote Line to Harajuku, known as the center of youth culture in Tokyo, and the place to go to see the extreme style style you see in magazines of japanese style. I was hoping to see some of the really out there gothic lolita costumes, but really I saw very little of that, apparently the style had changed to more of a punk rock thing, which isn’t very new to me. It was still interesting to see all of the people parading around looking for attention. I then moved onto Akihabara the electronics district looking to find a game called Ouendan for my friend Marc per his request and after walking around for 45 minutes finally found a shop selling videogames, and they had a copy for pretty cheap. Akihabara is really well know for its super low prices on electronics, but really there was nothing I was looking for there other than the game. I then headed to Narita to catch my flight. After a long flight I landed safely in LAX, and I’m now home in Riverside.


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