Day 17: Strasbourg

Last night after leaving Luxembourg and arriving in Strasbourg I had to find my hotel a bit away from the city center after dark. I managed to find my hotel’s general area on the metro/tram map. Arriving at the tram station for my hotel I got off in a light drizzle, before long though it had become a complete downpour. I got lost of course like always because my maps never have street names that are useful, and then when they are the streets aren’t marked. So after wandering around for 20 minutes in the pouring rain I finally found someone who would stop and give me directions worth a damn, and found the hotel. The room was originally 69 euros, but was discounted to 35. Personally I don’t see how they could ever get 69 that far away from the train station or city center with maybe ** rooms, though this one was a 2 twin room, so at least I got to snag the extra pillow. I forgot to mention, it was cold, oh so cold. I turned on the heater to full blast and left it there until I went to bed and huddled under the comforter.

This morning I woke up to light rain outside my window, which is the tourist’s worst nightmare, well ok maybe not as bad as having your things stolen, but its up there. I had planned to go through the Petit France district which has all these old world houses surrounded by canals, and take a boat tour for 4 euros, but with the weather as it was, that just didn’t seem like fun anymore… sitting in a boat in the rain for over an hour. I decided to just walk around with my umbrella. The area was still very pretty, reminded me a bit of what I expect from Venice, but smaller.

I eventually ran into the city’s Notre Dame, and had a look around. The building has a bit of a pink tone to it for some reason, and is built in the Gothic style(see pictures). Inside there was a famous astrological clock that was installed back in the 15th century, I suppose thats impressive if you consider when it was made.

I decided with the weather as it was, I should get out of town and head over the boarder to Germany. Arriving at the station I found that the next train wouldn’t be leaving for Munich for another 4 hours. I decided to just catch the next train to Offenburg, the major hub just over the boarder from Strasbourg. I had the idea, why not take the scenic route, since this weather is probably in Munich as well, and I didn’t feel like doing much. I think my pace is wearing on me and I needed a slow day.


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