Day 21: Elbe

So after all this time not getting any stamps in my passport, I got 2 today, from Germany and from Czech Republic. Czech Republic unlike most of the other EU countries, still hasn’t adopted the euro. This is good for me since the Koruna is 22 per dollar. I bought 2 big bottles of water for $0.85. My room is about 48$ though and on the outskirts of town, a tram ride 5 stations gets me into the city center. I think I’m going to ask for another night here because its not far from city center and the rooms are quiet and comfortable, plus with how I figure, if I go to Vienna tomorrow night, sleep there, then spend all day the next day exploring and a night in Budapest before a night train to Venice, its the same as if I had another night in Prague, one in Vienna and then the hotel train, except if I stay I won’t feel so pressured on time tomorrow and I need to do laundry anyway.

Today was a national holiday so almost nothing was open, luckily I was able to get internet when I arrived to find a hotel because the tourist office was closed.

The ride in was amazing, though the slow. We more or less followed the Elbe River past Dresden to Prague. The river cuts some amazing scenery out of the rock, and the weather was great once we got out of the Berlin area. I sure hope the weather holds for tomorrow, I’ve been really annoyed with the rain putting a damper on my traveling.

I’ve come to an important observation, though not too related to today’s entry. Money follows the law of entropy. I start off with all of my money in USD nice and ordered in a bank account. Now I have a few bills of USD, about 80 euro, and 1000 Kc, and not just that, they’re all in random small bills and coins.



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