Day 34: Patras

Well today was another day of just traveling. Not a whole lot to report.

We arrived as expected at 12:30 in Patras, Greece. Our first task was to get our train tickets to Athens, which were free to reserve, and then eat.

We found a nice place to eat for not too much money and stuffed ourselves with Gyros and drinks for 5 euros.

The train left for Athens at 2pm, and we had some company for most of the way from a really nice Greek guy. Arriving in Athens we found it easy to catch the metro to our hotel which was close to the train station. Buy sharing a hotel room we were able to get a nice place with internet, AC, tv, etc with 2 beds for 50 euros, so 25 euros each, which is about as much as a hostel, but with a whole lot less people and more facilities.

After dropping off our stuff we both cleaned up and were planning to do laundry, but instead found that none of the places were open after 8, so we instead went to walk around Athens, heading to the Acropolis (which was closed and we knew it, but we wanted to do something and it looks nice at night). Allan has a compact tripod so I was able to get some really nice pictures of the Acropolis and Athens all lit up. I met some nice people out there from Riverside, and talked a bit about Italy since they were going there next.

On our way back we tried to catch dinner, but all of the diners were very expensive, so we grabbed something cheap from McDs(god I hate eating there), and went back to our room and crashed for the night.


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