Day 35: Athenai

This morning was a bit of a problem. We had our breakfast then went to book our ferry. As it turns out this time of year they’re horribly packed… to the gills… and I couldn’t at first find any seats for days, but looking at individual company sites I was able to find us seats for 46 euros to Naxos. Allan couldn’t afford this though, so I went to go book just myself a ticket, and found that the seats had sold in the time we were talking, so I had to search for other seats. The cheapest I could find was in the VIP section for 89 euros, way too much, so I looked at Santorini and found a seat. I didn’t want to go without a hotel so I looked, and couldn’t find a single vacancy for tonight… and since leaving for the docks early enough would leave very little time to see Athens (though I was planning on a day on my way back), I decided to stay an extra night where we could spend maybe $60 a day to stay, I found a place in the middle of no where on Santorini for the next day that was affordable, and booked that as well as a ferry ticket out. Tomorrow will be $100 just in passage and living alone. I intend to spread out the cost of travel a bit by staying 2 days and 2 nights in Santorini before moving on to Naxos.

I’ve realized I need to completely plan out the last week of my trip, so later tonight after all of the things over here close, I’m going to book my hotels and ferries, and airline tickets. Right now the plan is to go to Santorini for 2 days, then naxos for 1 or 2, then Rhodes for atleast 2, then fly from Rhodes(because its actually cheaper) to Athens and then home. There is a chance I might make a day or two stop in London if I have enough money. I need to figure out and set all of this in stone by tonight…

We left around 11 for the National Archaeological, buying water along the way, only to be told when we arrived that we were not allowed to bring water into the museum. After taking that class last quarter on ancient Greece through to the end of the Hellenic era, it was really interesting to see artifacts from the Minoan, Mycenaean, Cycladic, and finally classical Greek civilizations. There really wasn’t a whole lot from the first 2, since they were having their civilization around 4,000 years ago. There was also very little from Classical Greece, but that didn’t bother me a whole lot because there was quite the selection in the Louvre, but it makes me wonder with famous pieces like the Venus De Milo being there and not here in Greece, how much has Greece been taken advantage of?

We had lunch at a place selling souvlaki, which is a Greek food where pieces of pork are cooked on a wood skewer over an flame broiler. The meat is seasoned and dipped in a lemon sauce and served with bread or french fries, and boy do they taste amazing…

We then caught the metro to the Acropolis to see it completely during the day light. We got to go up and walk up to the Parthenon, as well as around the Temple of Zeus, and the theater of Dionysus. Its amazing to think that these huge buildings have survived since around 500 BC and we can now see them today.

The high heat made it hard to stand walking around too much though. I’m also quickly realizing how much there is in Greece I’d like to see but haven’t. I think as far as returning to a country, Greece tops the list, even though there is a ton to do in France.

Returning to our room, Allan and I set out to find a place to do laundry, the front desk had 2 places possible, but the first one was already closed before 6, and the other was run by a really rude woman(the first rude Greek I’ve met) who although the sign and brochure said self service wouldn’t let us do our own laundry, and refused to stay until closing time unless there were at least two loads. Whats worse is that the place was asking 10 euros per load. Looks like yesterday’s chore became today’s chore, became tomorrow’s. Instead I splurged a little and bought a pair of shorts for 18 euros, a shirt for 7, and a pair of boxers for 2. I could use some shorts after all for how hot it is here, but man… cutting into my budget. I think its good I’ll most likely be leaving around the 28th, because I won’t have enough money to go further. I also had to buy more toiletries, the stuff I bought in Spain have run out already, though I guess I should be pleased they lasted almost a month.


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