Day 39: Out of Time

Well today I felt like being lazy, but since it was my last real day in Greece I made myself get out of bed at 7:30 and get a move on. I had breakfast for 5 euros at the hotel, which although it was a simple breakfast, the terrace has a wonderful view of the Med. I made a panorama, but forgot to turns off automatic exposure adjustments and I don’t have a proper tripod for it, so it didn’t turn out too well, but you get a good idea of how the view is. I had taken pictures in Athens with the same intent and I’ll be adding that to the page as well.

I then left first for the Temple of Apollo out on the end of the break water, its an old ruin left from the early Greeks, and all that remains is the doorway. You can see it in a number of my photos. There wasn’t a whole lot to see, so I decided to go have a look at the beach and decide if I wanted to go for a swim or not. I had read that Naxos has some of the nicest beaches in the Greek Islands. On the way I stopped at the bus station and picked up a time table, planning to perhaps go into the interior and see Naxos away from the tourists(not that is that packed anyway).

The beach wasn’t all that impressive actually, its very shallow, and it didn’t seem particularly clear. Thanks to it being so shallow it was also filled with families with young children, which really makes it less fun for me. After asking around I found that the nice beaches I had read about were on the other side of the island, and would take at least an hour by bus. I still kind of wanted to swim, but my sun burn made me tentative. I decided to go to the villages first, and then if I still felt like it, I would go to the beaches afterwards.

I picked out Filoti as the village I wanted to see, I was told it was picturesque situated in the mountains, and the schedule made it easy to get to and away from. The bus took maybe 45 minutes dropping me in the nice part of town. I walked from there out to the outskirts before looking around for food. The town has a nice relaxed feel. There wasn’t a whole lot to see, but it was still very nice to get a taste of a small village in Naxos. I sat down at a small restaurant to have lunch, but was apparently unable to communicate right. I got a water ordered, and I swear I ordered a gyro, but after waiting an hour with no food, I went inside and asked when my food would be ready, they didn’t understand and were trying to tell me where I could go find the buys schedule. Eventually I got the question through, and 5 minutes later I had a gyro on my plate. It wasn’t all that great, but I was starving, and a little worried I’d be late for my bus if I took too much longer.

I asked someone waiting at what seemed like the bus stop if this was where I needed to wait for the bus, and was told yes. Eventually the bus showed up, 10 minutes late, but I expected that after the jokes about GMT(Greek Maybe Time). On my way down the woman next to me from Holland was speaking in English so I struck up a conversation and had a nice chat with her, and a Greek woman on vacation when another woman, from California joined in. It made the ride down from the mountains go by very quickly. Once in town I decided I was too tired for a swim and went back to my room.

After about 2 hours I woke up still feeling tired. It was time for dinner though, tummy rumbling. I headed down to the water front because I price advertised for a 4 souvlaki plate with beer and Greek salad for 5 euros. As it turns out the 5 was a 6 but with the lower left part missing.. Anyways it was ok, but I was not impressed at all. Still by far the best was the unmarked place in Athens that did JUST souvlaki, they made the simple lower class food seem like a delicacy.

I went back to my room, watched a bit of TV then crashed.


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