Day 7: Bus

Rats! Very little sleep last night because of actual rats. I couldn’t tell when I checked out the room before, or even after our excursion when I enjoyed some time in the room that there were rats in the walls. All night I heard them scraping around, gnawing on things. It kept me up until late, eventually I decided it would be best if I just put in ear plugs and tried to ignore them as hard as that is once they’re in the back of your mind. I got a few hours sleep here and there before being woken up to squeelz from the little bastards.

Ugg, well back to Lijiang for our last day in China. I’m a little sad to be going, but China really isn’t as easy or as pleasant to travel in as many other countries I’ve visited.

On the bus ride back we met 4 chinese girls traveling together. Apparently they were at the Songzanlin Monastery we visited yesterday. We made quick friends and shared some food. They were quite cute and giggly, and one spoke enough english for us to share some basic conversation. Right as we got to the station the girl that spoke english was trying to arrange for us to meet up in Old Town, but we had to find a hotel and food first. I tried to communicate this and that we should meet later but totally failed. I had hoped to run into them later on when walking around town, it would have been nice to have some company, especially company that could keep us from spending more than something was worth. Oh well.

We didn’t do much in town but hike the 4 or so miles into Old town to look for accommodations, and then just bum around town. Danny had wanted to go up to this mountain the 2 days before, but decided today that it was probably too late and he was tired. Elmar really just wanted to crash with some internet. So I walked around town on my own until about dinner time picking up some tea along the way. We’ve done a good job of clearing out the last of our RMB before we leave with just enough for a taxi tomorrow and some airport food.

In the evening we tried some hot pot, but it wasn’t all that good. Later Danny and I went to look for a place for drinks, but everywhere was charging 35Y per beer (or about $6), and the beer here pretty much sucks. It’s all 3.5% flavorless pisswater beer. I might as well be drinking Coors Light. We eventually gave up and went back to the hotel.

We did have some fun watching the drunks walk through town. The roads are little cobble stone roads that bend and turn and slant. A guy wearing a pink shirt ran into about every one possible walking back to his hotel. Every time he would stop and turn around and apologize, and the people he ran into would just move on. I remarked that if this were America he would probably find himself a fight before long.

We have an early morning tomorrow with a 6am wake up to head off on an airport marathon to Thailand.


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