Iceland Day 1: Off

Well the trip has gone pretty much to plan so far, nice and boring. I set off a bit early for the airport because I had nothing better to do. I am regretting not asking someone to drop me off at the flyaway and save $36, but I guess it’s good to not be bothering someone over it though.

I’m pretty excited by my new backpack, it has netting where I want it and at 65L, it’s just the right size for this trip. I could have gotten away with 60L, but this is as close as you can get I think and be happy. It’s much lighter too than what I packed for Asia at just 30 lbs instead of 50. The difference is very very noticeable.

Funny enough though while going through security I ran into Brian Bright, one of the guys in charge of a large chunk of our game. It was nice to see a friendly face and have someone to chat (and have beers with) to pass the time.

On my flight I was seated next to another woman also going to Reykjavik. And I had maybe the only empty seat on the plane next to me thanks to an upgrade. Yay leg room! Delta seems to charge a lot for things normally covered in this sort of flight $75 for an extra bag (luckily I don’t need) and we weren’t served lunch, which on a 6 hour flight is a bit lame. Oh and the wifi they advertised on the flights was a lie! They wanted $13 a flight to use what I would guess to be the most gimpy slow connection you can find.

The real day starts tomorrow so stay tuned.


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