Caribbean Day 4: Marigot Bay

I slept mostly fine and was up super early, giving up on additional sleep around 6:30am. Gary on the other hand was out like a log, and took some pestering to wake up at 9:30. I think he’s worn out and today is a good day for a rest day. I went downstairs and checked my email for responses from the place in Marigot bay I’m hoping to get us. There was a response, they had a vacancy and had me in the main house, which apparently only has 1 bed. I hadn’t seen there was more than 1 option from Trip Adviser, so I followed the link provided to me to their webpage and saw that they did have what Trip Adviser was showing. I sent an email back and surfed the net for a while taking care of a few random things. I wasn’t able to upload by journal photos and eventually gave up figuring the internet wasn’t consistent enough. All the while being bitten by mosquitoes. I’m having a hard time with them; at my current count I think I have about 25 bites. I’ve been using my bug spray, but it’s like it’s expired or they find little areas not being covered by it. One thing I truly miss of home is the lack of these little buggers.

After waking Gary up I was joined by Tyrone and Maggy. They were thinking of going up to Marigot bay as well by water taxi, but as a day tour and we checked to see if we could get a deal for going as a group one way. After breakfast they called and sure enough it came to $35 each, while not great, is probably cheaper than a taxi, more scenic, and quicker. The problem being that the boat was leaving at 10:20 which was less than 30 minutes away. I was mostly packed since I had woken up early and used the time to call the guest house I wanted to stay at. Apparently I had messed up the dates (clicked june not may) but they did have a vacancy, but would need time to clean it. Pierre, the owner, would pick us up with our bags at the dock. We quickly packed up and checked out while Maggy and Tyrone brought their rental car around. It took forever to get going because the credit card machine wasn’t working correctly.

Driving down to the parking spots for the dock takes forever too because the bridge that goes through town was taken out by a hurricane in 2010, so the route goes around the outskirts and is a bit extra packed. We arrived at the boat 10 minutes late, but hey, we’re on “island time”!

The ride north was pretty fun, watching the party and dive boats motoring by, and the resorts slip by along the coast. At one point our driver swerved for some reason, apparently to miss a sea turtle!

Arriving in Marigot Bay, we were struck by how nice it was, with amazing mansions at the top of the cliffs, our guide tells us are owned by Mick Jagger and Mike Tyson. The harbor is filled with charter boats, and everything is pretty clean and upscale, different from Soufriere. The boat was supposed to take them all snorkeling on the way back and provide gear, but Tyrone notices there isn’t any gear in the boat, they had been taken and were now stuck here for 2 hours with nothing to do, they hadn’t brought any money or their snorkels being under the impression they were to be provided. I found the Marina Office and called our hosts and while we waited we had some ice cream. Pierre showed up in his truck and was fine letting Maggy and Tyrone tag along with us to our new place. As we drove we asked Pierre about the homes that Mick Jagger and Mike Tyson own as we drive by and he says they never were owned by anyone famous, the house we’re told was Mike Tyson’s was owned by some English couple, and the Mick Jagger house is owned by a Swiss!

Arriving at Villa Pomme D’Amore (I think that translates to fruit of love, but my French is a bit rusty), we were struck by how beautiful it was, every little detail perfect. Gary and I are sharing a 2 bd suite that occupies a floor of one of the buildings and it has a nice little kitchen and living room. After dropping our stuff off we’re told of a path down to the water and the 4 of us head down. There is 1 other couple there from a neighboring house we think, but no one else, it’s like a private little bay. The water was shallow but nice. The owners of the guest house are amazingly friendly and helpful.

Eventually Tyrone and Maggy had to leave so we said our final good byes and had some pictures taken. We elected to not do much today and just sit around the pool, have a rum cocktail, and take a nap. Gary offered to take me to a nice dinner before we leave as a thank you for planning the trip, and as congratulations for graduating. I can’t say no to good food.

We walked down to the ferry dock with the owner’s cell phone in case we needed to be picked up, and ate at a nice restaurant built on a dock over the water. The food was delicious, and we weren’t even bothered by mosquitoes!

At night we can’t close up and turn on the AC, we sleep with bug nets and fans. The sounds of the jungle just outside our door come in loud and clear, and man can the bugs and critters out there make a lot of noise! It’s kind of like white noise though, it’s a constant din.


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