Caribbean Day 19: Takeoff

Sad day, it’s time to leave Saba.

I woke up at 6am and slowly got packing. By 8 I was mostly done, and had checked emails, etc. I also loaded up my phone with google maps for St. Kitts and Nevis along with marking where the map for my hotel appeared to be.

Everyone at El Momo was having breakfast at 8 it seemed because 2 couples had dives planned, and I was planning on heading down to the airport early to look for Iguanas and check out the tide pools. I had nothing else to do. The day is mostly going to be a transit day.

I checked out, and headed down the hill. First stop the Scuba store to pay my bill. They didn’t have my DSD card to show I’d finished the discovery course. So I gave them my email and they would look for it. It wasn’t a big deal though since I have an email from PADI already telling me they received my information for the DSD. My dive yesterday though doesn’t count towards my open water which is a shame, I don’t think I’m any closer in reality than I was before I started, but that was never the goal. Next I went to the gallery next door. They had some cheaper prints and I was interested. I liked Saba a lot and wanted something to put on my wall. A local artist had a water color print I liked for $35 and it would cost another $5 to send home, so it seemed like a great deal. Some of the original works there were absolutely phenomenal and I took a picture to share. But I don’t have $3k to spend on a canvas. I’m not sure at what point in my life $3k would seem worth it for something like that, but it’s not anytime soon.

I set out then to catch a ride, it took a while, not many cards passed, but eventually a Saban stopped for me. He was retired from a government job and was complaining they force retirement at 60, but had a daughter he was putting through school. He was making by renting some tiny apts to students.

At the airport I dropped off my big pack with my clothes and went down to the tide pools. I didn’t see any Iguanas though, and the tide pools weren’t that interesting. I’m not sure if knowing that I would do much different, I didn’t have anything to do in Windwardside, and not enough time to do a hike or anything. So it’s time to wait and finally catch up with my journals.

The takeoff from Saba is pretty exciting when looking out the front windows, it looks like at the very last second they pull up with a very positive touch. We had the training pilot again as our copilot. Our pilot was a Canadian guy that just exuded that cool, I know what I’m doing vibe with his aviator glasses. It struck me kind of like a cliché but he knew what he was doing. His copilot landed the plane in St. Maarten and I got the feeling it was his first time landing this plane. He bounced the rear wheels once, and finally dropped the nose. Then when it was all over he was talking loudly and excitedly with the pilot who was still trying to play it cool.

After waiting a while, it’s back on Winair with the same plane, and same captain and co-pilot. I met waiting in line a Canadian woman going on Winair for the first time. She’s clearly nervous and when she said the plane looked old and I told her it was from the 60s that didn’t help. I decided to not tell her we were on a training flight haha. I wasn’t aware, but we had a stop in St. Eustatius more often called Statia. I had toyed with stopping a day there and cutting out Nevis mostly, but I’m only really in Nevis 1 day before moving onto St. Kitts. Now I can say I set food on Statia because I got off the plane to make sure they didn’t unload my backpack. It has very important booze in it. That was quite a bumping landing too, really squirrely. Me and the Canadian were apparently the only ones going to Nevis today so we loaded back up and took the short bus to Nevis. I got to chat with the captain and copilot briefly and it was fun watching all the things they do in the cockpit. I find these flights fun.

Stupidly I forgot again how long runways are when looking at a map and decided to walk to my hotel. The sun was pretty much down by the time I arrived, but I got there in one piece and checked in. The manager Perl made me dinner right after I checked in which was pretty filling and not half bad. Something about travel is just exhausting, and I’m nearly ready for bed at 8pm.

But before that I tried my best to sort out this payment problem I’m having with this hotel. I paid online already, but it’s not showing as paid on their website, and my hotel didn’t get an invoice. Hopefully a quick call tomorrow will sort it out.


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