Philippines Day 9: Beach

After all of the travel the previous day we decided to take it a bit easy. Sleeping in, walking around town, setting up our activities for the next day. Generally getting our bearings.

First we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, not impressed, and the portions and prices were large. Then we asked about diving costs with them to finish Jenn’s open water course work. However a large part of the cost was the book Padi was going to have her buy. Since we started with SDI I did a search for SDI dive centers in Sabang while Jenn took a nap. Sure enough, there was one called Frontier dive. I shot them an email with Jenn’s current progress from back home. When Jenn got up we walked down together to see what the costs would be. There was some savings, though really the biggest chunk was in me paying 1000 pesos to dive along with her while at our hotel’s shop it would have been 2000p. However they wouldn’t have the free instructors needed until tomorrow.

So Jenn and I set off to walk the little town of Sabang. There isn’t much of interest off of the beach. There is basically one road into town, and one more than kind of parallels the beach. All of the nice places are on the water itself and reached from the sand. But the beach is just covered in dive resort after dive resort after dive resort. Everything here is designed to cater to one of two things: Drinking or Diving. Heck most cater to both. We walked the one road out of town for about a quarter of a mile until there wasn’t anything else to see.

At one of the dive shops we stopped in to get me a rashguard. I thought there was a high chance I’d be diving without a wetsuit again, especially when it was so nice in Coron and I have a nice set of marks on my back from the BCD not having anything between it and me. Jenn seemed almost worried it hadn’t gone away yet. The rashguard would also keep me from getting toasted in the hot equatorial sun. My arms and legs are fairly tanned from all the cycling, but the rest is pure white and quick to turn lobster red.

Our room was nice so we decided to extend our stay in it until the 21st.

We also tracked down a Rum that our Filipino dive instructor back home was recommending. We’ll probably pick some up later.

Then we settled in for a nice lunch at a restaurant down at the further east end of the beach. The portions again were too large and too expensive. I don’t like when I see this, clearly they’re going to run people off, food is wasted, and it doesn’t make the customer happier to have a massive plate of food. This sparked some conversation between us.

Then it was back to the room for a nap followed by reading time, journaling (nearly got caught up before falling behind again!) and eventually dinner and bed.

The day was equal parts uneventful and relaxing.


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