I can’t Belize it! We’re off to Belize!

Belize is a go! Vacation approved for both Jenn and I and tonight we book our tickets. We’re going during peak season, but work has been so tough I’m absolutely willing to pay to squeeze this in. This doesn’t eat up many days because of our holiday vacation so it shouldn’t affect our plans for Morocco in February or March.
Here is our first draft of an itinerary for our 11 days. I can’t wait!
Day 1: Fly from LA to Belize City. Spend the night in the Marina area at the Radison. We have the option to head directly to the islands, but the flight lands just a bit too late to make the last ferry and flights aren’t cheap. Both islands are more expensive too, if we’re just spending the night we can save some money staying here, though it may mean one less day of diving. Decisions to make!
Day 2: Ferry to Caye Caulker if we didn’t fly, relaxed day. A bit cheaper than Caye Ambergris, no real beaches though. The island is known for good snorkeling and being really laid back and not so touristy. Cute little town.
Day 3: Caye Caulker. Snorkeling trip! Colin might go diving. If Jenn doesn’t this would be a good time to do Nitrox perhaps?
Day 4: Continue onto Caye Ambergris. More busy and touristy. Has actual beaches though. Colin wants to continue diving.
Day 5: Last diving day. The blue hole, a unique formation. Hopefully I have enough diving experience and proven myself the day before and they let me do what’s generally an advanced deep dive.
Day 6: Back to Belize City and transfer onto Banana Bank for the next day
Day 7: Horseback ride through the jungle on tour.
Day 8: Go onto Cave Branch for floating through a cave on a river and zip lining. Continue onto San Ignacio for the night.
Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line
Day 9: Xunantunich and possibly Caracol Mayan Ruins. Might do Caracol this day, and Xunantunich the next morning if Day 8 runs too long.
Day 10: Return to Belize City and have a nice dinner.
Day 11: Fly home.
The whole itinerary is pretty unset at this point though it will need to be later. We’ll see where we actually end up when. Personally I’d love to get 3 days diving in if I can.

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