Day 5: Decompress

Today was all about decompressing, and in more ways than one. After the previous day everyone was exhausted and all we wanted to do was relax. Our goal: sit on the beach with some rum drinks.

Terry, the owner of the hotel Changes in Latitude we’re staying at felt guilty about the whole deal with the Stalleys being double booked and invited them to breakfast. We had planned to meet at 9:30 unless everyone was up earlier, but iMessage isn’t the most reliable way to communicate down here, especially if your hotel, like Banana Beach doesn’t have solid wifi coverage, so the Stalleys arrived a bit early. Changes in Latitude has a nice little sand covered porch where Terry serves some really excellent breakfast, this morning it was french toast.  Delicious.

Over breakfast we decided we should go into town and scope things out, and I was hoping this would take long enough that we’d be able to have a nice lunch in town before hitting up the beach and some rum drinks. It certainly did.

We walked out the main road which was busy and bustling with tourists on golf carts before cutting down a side road to the beach. Ambergris Caye is overdeveloped for our likes, and is packed with hotels and resorts. Every inch of beach for several miles on each side of the town is used. Tons of private piers stick out into the ocean.

Spotting a chocolate store we stopped in for a treat, all of which was delicious, especially the chocolate shake. Then the trip became about shopping.

Jenn and her mother Pam both wanted more sun coverage so they set out to find broad brimmed hats and wraps. Now we were stopping from shop to shop, Chuck and I pretty bored, and Jenn joined us not long after. I followed Jenn around and Chuck moved off to an internet café to call home. Eventually we were worn out with bags in hand looking for lunch. We’d been recommended Caliente, but they were closed and moved on to a Mexican restaurant.

We’ve noticed that it’s hard to find real Belizean food, everything is very international, and we’re very much cordoned off from the locals. When we sat down no one was really hungry, but Chuck had wandered off and Alyssa then tried to find him. By the time we got our food ordered and it showed up, everyone was hungry.

Then it was off to Banana Beach for some sun. We picked out some lounge chairs on the raised beach and read for a while, having some drinks and naps until dark. Jenn hasn’t really been hooked by Dune yet, the book we’ve brought along for this trip, one I picked out for us. It’s taking a long time to get going with too many words unique to the world.

We’ve been spending more than I’d like the last few days dinners so tonight I really wanted to eat cheaper and got Jenn on board. I have a feeling I’m not the only one feeling like we’re spending too much. We decided to walk to a place between the two of us, but it was much closer to us than the Stalleys, and the first place we’d hoped to visit was closed. We ended up at Pepperoni’s, a pizza joint. Alyssa had been craving pizza for days and this place delivered! I haven’t had this good of pizza for quite some time, everything was top notch, and the bill was reasonable. From there we walked to our room and the others took a taxi.

After today Caye Caulker is much preferred over Ambergris. Ambergris is over built, overly expensive, packed, and choked with tourist and golf carts. Caulker has a nice relaxed feel and small size that makes it manageable and feel friendly and like home so much more than Ambergris.


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