Day 6: TropicAir

Today felt pretty well cleaved in half. The first part of the day in Ambergris, the second part in Placencia. We spent the first part wasting time until our 3pm flight. Jenn wasn’t feeling well, so we read some, had a late breakfast, read some more in the hammock, and then walked along the beach for a bit until 2:15pm. Then things started to move.

Alyssa, Chuck, and Pam all went on to the airport before we got back from our walk so we set out after then catching a totally unnecessary cab. It turns out the airport was all of 2 blocks away, but it’s better to be sure of where you’re going than not when less than an hour till a short flight. When we pulled up, Alyssa came up out of breath asking if we had all of our bags which we did. Apparently they’d not collected their important bag with the passports from the taxi before it started driving off and Alyssa had gone all Amazing Race and chased after the taxi on foot, waving her arms trying to get the driver’s attention. Chuck got a passing golf cart to stop and help him and yelled “FOLLOW THAT TAXI!”, and sped off.  After a point to road turned and Chuck had to pick left or right, and just picked right. Alyssa though managed to catch the taxi and retrieve the bag returning like a conqueror.

We had still arrived too early, and they weren’t ready for us to check in. Tropic Air operates a pretty first class operation, though the whole thing is like a bus. Leaving from San Pedro, we did a quick stop over 5 minutes later in Caye Caulker, took off 10 minutes later, and then landed 10 minutes after that in Belize Municipal. Then we switched planes and flew a few minutes as the crow flies to Belize International to pick up 3 mormons, then on to Placencia. The entire time we flew between 600 and 1800 ft which gave a great view of the countryside below.

From Placencia airport we caught a taxi into town, which came out to a lot more than we expected, and then the taxi made things confusing on if he had quoted in Belize Dollars or US Dollars, when asked he said it was US Dollars (doubling the cost).

We got changed and then it was back the way we came to The Flying Pig, our whole reason for visiting Placencia.

Jenn’s history teacher and a colleague of Chuck and Pam named Patrick had moved down to Belize and opened up a beach front bar on the outskirts of town called The Flying Pig. He’s quite a character, and fits right in. The plan according to Patrick is to place his business near enough to the international airport that’s supposed to be built and a new cruise ship dock that is also being planned so as to get customers from both, and own land where the city is going to expand to. He’s built quite a joint for himself, and the food and drinks are nice. Most important of all Patrick is a great host.

They all caught up while we ate, and we signed his visitor wall. The Texas A&M game was on which I kind of watched as they rehashed happenings for people I don’t know. As the night wore on I found myself exhausted and barely awake, happy to finally get a ride back to our hotel.

I had been frustrated by the extra cost of flying down and back from Placencia, but it’s been like a mini tour of the country by air.


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