Time for Türkiye

This is coming together rather quick, but we finally got approval for our long time planned trip to Türkiye (Turkey) in June. We have our plane tickets out and back, and so far a rough working itinerary. We’re probably going to have a couple of hard points in the itinerary with flights, and bits of flexibility in between. It may not be final, but this is what we have so far:

Day 1: Arrive late in the evening in Istanbul direct from LAX with Turkish Airlines, which is fairly nice!

Day 2: Take a flight down to Dalaman along the southern coast and a bus to Fethiye.

Day 3: Start a 4 day 3 night “Blue Cruise” aboard a Gulet along the Turkish coast. Snorkeling and swimming and relaxing.

Day 4: Visit the Unknown Temple overnighting in Cleopatra’s Bay

Day 5: Swim to the Cleopatra Hamam bath and visiting the Lycian Rock Tombs overnighting in Sunset Bay

Day 6: Back to Fethiye Habor and seeing the town. Leaving for Rhodes that night or in the morning

Day 7: Have a look around the walled island of Rhodes in Greece.

Day 8: Rent a car and visit Kaş overnighting in Olympos to see the Eternal Flames of Chimera that never go out.

Day 9: Back to Fethiye and a bus on to Denzili and Pamukkale

Day 10: Spend the day enjoying the travertine hot springs and the Roman city of Hierapolis. Continue on to Ephesus by sunset overnighting nearby or in Izmir.

Day 11: Off flying to Göreme with an evening hot air balloon tour over Cappadocia.

Day 12: Explore the open air museums and “fairy chimneys” up close on horseback

Day 13: Return to Istanbul to explore the city staying in Sultanahmet enjoying a culturally rich evening.

Day 14: Explore old Sultanahmet seeing Byzantine and Moorish architecture.

Day 15: The last day, exploring the Grand Bazaar and anything we missed.

Day 16: Fly home late morning and get ready for the return to work.



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