Day 2: Fethiye

Well the screaming kids of yesterday’s flight are still affecting me. I woke up at 4:15 and couldn’t get my brain to go back to bed. If I’d gotten sleep when I was supposed to this wouldn’t happen. I lay in bed to not disturb Jenn until just after 6, but that’s the best I can do. I then worked on my journal a bit before our intended 7am wakeup.

I’m liking our little airport hotel more and more. We came down for the included breakfast to a huge spread. I’ve never seen a breakfast buffet like this before. I think they had 6 kinds of yogurt! The tea was delicious too, very similar to Persian tea but without any cardamom, I’m going to have to bring some home.

I immediately recognized the Sabiha airport as the one I spent 12 hours in waiting for my flight home 7 years ago from Europe. Knowing what I know now, I totally would have gotten a room at the airport hotel instead of sleeping on a bench with my foot wrapped through my backpack shoulder strap.

The line to check with in Pegasus was really long, and because of that people with flights soon were let in front of us over and over making the line even longer until we were almost needing to be one of those people. We dropped off our bags and got to our gate 15 minutes before we were supposed to board and sit down. I swear not 5 minutes later were told that our flight is delayed by 1 hour and 45 minutes.

We have a lot of our travel kinda loaded up front with this itinerary, so it already feels like we’ve been going a long time just to be in another airport without being on vacation yet, and the extra delay doesn’t help.

The flight of course is delayed even later and we don’t make it to Fethiye until 2 ½ hours after when we were supposed to, and well after lunch. Starving we check in and go for some grub.

We were upsold a bit on our lunch and had waaaay too much food, and the waiter couldn’t figure out that you can’t just swipe an American credit card because we don’t have a pin, we need to sign, so I had to hit up an ATM to pay for lunch which is a bit frustrating. We needed cash anyway, and I appear to only have been charged an exchange fee by ING, so that might have turned out worse. The food was delicious though, and we plan to have the leftovers for dinner later.

Fethiye is quite beautiful, right on the water sprawling up a hill with old Lycian ruins right at the edge of town. The downtown area is made up of cobbled pedestrian only streets that are filled with very upscale shops. Many of these streets are covered over by grape vines between the buildings.

We set out to find the Lycian ruins of the Tomb of Amyntas. I thought they’d be way out of town but there are houses right up to the cliff they’re carved into. Of course there is a 5TL fee to visit, and they’re covered horribly in graffiti, but it’s still pretty spectacular, and they even off a wonderful view of the harbor below. Along the way up the hill I meet a Turkish guy about my age visiting from nearby Antalya. He seems very excited to be here even though it’s not far from his home. He notices what lens I’m using and sheepishly asks if he can try it out. I size him up a bit, he’s clearly a tourist like me and paid to get this far. He’s also out of breath on these steps. We exchange lenses and he’s really impressed with his results. I stand downhill of him towards the only exit just to be safe.  He thanks me and returns my lens. Further up the hill he asks again to borrow my lens and again I relent. He’s very thankful and snaps a few photos and hands me back my lens before heading off down the hill. We mill around a bit, enjoying the sights. Eventually a guy from Ohio comes up the steps to take some pictures. Apparently he’s been living in the area for a couple of years teaching at an art school nearby and recommends some sights we’re going to see on our cruise tomorrow.

We decided to find our own way back making a loop, looking for where we saw signs for another set of ruins, but just find a guy’s driveway and a woman fetching her goats. We wound our way down to the hotel to drop off our things and grab our books heading down to the marina to read while the sun set.

Content, and still full from our massive lunch the sun set on a pleasant day with some ice cream. Jenn finally finished reading Dune 6 months after starting it, and I could barely keep my eyes awake. Determined to not fall asleep before 9, I read through a couple chapters of Windup Girl which is turning out better than my last book Desolation Road.

Tomorrow we join a Gulet Cruise for 4 days and 3 nights so it’s going to be a while until my next update, possibly from Rhodes in Greece.


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