Day 4: Clear

Well breakfast was as good as lunch and dinner. These guys sure have a good cook in Sonny. The highlight was a kind of crepe with banana and chocolate friend a bit. We also had the traditional Turkish fried cheese which Jenn really liked. It’s better than we’ve had so far this trip. Everyone got up around the same time. Maria was the last up but still was there for breakfast.

It sounded like sleeping on deck was very pleasant, though a bit chilly in the early evening before the winds died and a bit hot during the morning when the sun came up with the bright sun making it hard to keep sleeping. I have an eye cover, and pants I could wear to solve most of those problems until the hot sun. If I can take the setae though at the stern that even can be solved. Our sleep downstairs was fine, a bit hot, but not bad.

This morning the water was so much clearer than we’ve seen so far. The bottom, some 60 ft below felt like it was being seen through glass. Gee, the crew, was fishing for lunch, but I think came up a bit short.

Some of our shipmates took a swim, but we stuck to being dry since we’re moving to a new place not long after.

We set sail (motor really) for around the peninsula and out into the open Sea. The wind was still coming from the north though so we were well protected. We pulled into Pirate Bay, and the water was even clearer than our overnight spot! I swear there had to be 100ft visibility easy. Too bad there isn’t a whole lot to see, which is probably why there was such good visibility.

First order of business was a hike to see some Lycian ruins only accessibly via a trail from this beach. Now we’re getting on the path less traveled! Some swam to shore, we put on shorts took the nice camera for the hike. The trail was easy to pick out and the views of the bay below stunning. It was pretty hot, but not any more than back home. There were many bugs too, all making noise, so much so that you could swear you were hearing birds. We went far enough to find the ruins we were told were there overlooking a very dry valley. There were two small buildings there owned by some herders with goats and sheep who apparently also foraged for oregano in the hills for 7TL a kilo.

We poked around the ruins for a bit, apparently a shrine sailors returning home would worship at, but I’m not convinced it wasn’t to keep grain dry or something. Once I have internet again I’d love to do some reading on the Lycians. I’m sure there is a well-informed wiki page ready to give me a brief summary.

It started to get hot, and they have biting flies here so we made our way back down to the beach at a relaxed pace. I guess the others stayed a bit longer and caught us 20 minutes later.

Jenn is really happy we did this part of the trip as it was a bit up in the air. I am too. It feels like a real vacation, absolutely relaxing and pleasant, though I was honestly worried spending this much time on a boat could go very wrong. Imagine if the rooms were horrible, or the service or food was bad, or the people unpleasant. So many things could have derailed something like this. But it’s been terrific to this point.

Back at the boat it was swimming time before a well-earned lunch. I have a brand new red swimsuit to try out. Instead of snorkeling since there is so little to see we decided to just swim across the bay and get some exercise in the nice refreshing water. At a point though everyone seemed to be back at the boat, and not wanting to miss out on lunch we swam back. Good call as we got there just a few minutes before the lunch bell was rung.

Lunch this time was great, but missing any protein. Just couscous, green beans, salad and cherries. Though the cherries were amazing. The crew had some fried fish, but it looked like all they had were just enough for them and not the whole group. I feel like I’m writing too much about what they’re serving!

Now it was time to read and dry off. Not long and we moved onto our last stop, Cleopatra Bay. The wind was cool and refreshing and it was pleasant as hell. We found the bay pretty and protected with a couple of trails above the beach to go hiking on before dinner. We as a group cornered Ahmed to have a conversation with him about what it’s like being Ahmed, captaining a tourist cruise for half the year and traveling the world for the other half. Where he went last winter, and where he’s going next winter. He told us about how he painted “Will you marry me?” on the ships sails to propose to his Fiancé. And how lucky he feels to have this as a job. I’m glad he has perspective to appreciate that, many people go about charmed lives and don’t appreciate how amazing they have things looking for ways to be happy.

We hit the trail and found our way up to a Lycian Tomb. I elected to bring the waterproof camera and swim across. The hike was slippery, but we ended up above the little bay and pleasant. Ahmed was anxious to get back and have some tea so he told us some different routes to return and then headed back down. We had a look around up top but none of the trails seemed super clear Kim, Jim, Abe and Clara weren’t exactly fast hikers so we decided we’d rather just head back down ourselves taking the trail we did know.

As the sun set the yellow jackets came out in force. We almost got run off into the water! Sonny brought out a trap with a bit of chicken inside and caught a good thirty bees! They were still around, but not quite as much of a bother. Still though, they kinda deter me from wanting to sleep on deck…

Ahmed goes ashore to give fresh water to a small mule tied up to a tree at the beach, the poor guy is so thirsty Ahmed says he’ll bring him more water when he goes back to shore. He really seems like a good guy with his head on straight. He also does some free diving in the harbor, probably in some 60 ft of water. I’m not sure what he’s looking for, but he comes up with a big piece of garbage.

Back on the boat we spent a lot of time talking with Anne and after a bit John Sr. joined us. Anne works at a psychologist clinic and we talk about how not even 10 years ago a child would just be considered odd, but these days they might be diagnosed as being somewhere on the Autism spectrum. Jenn and I just were talking the other day about how we weren’t sure how much of the increase in the number of people with Autism comes from a change in the population versus a change in diagnosis, and the expansion of Autism into this much larger spectrum.

For dinner we had BBQ chicken, beef and Turkish meat balls! Yum! Sonny’s claim that today’s dinner would be better wasn’t wrong. Havlah was served for desert. I’ve never heard of before.

After dinner Damien, Kate and I shared cycling stories and Jenn talked to Kim about organizing Cache Creek, though Kim wasn’t very good at feigning interest.


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