Day 5: View

I slept so hard last night down in our cabin. I don’t think I had more than a few minutes of dreaming. I wouldn’t be surprised if I never turned over the entire night. We woke up a bit early too, like 6:30 and lay around for a while waiting for everyone else to be up. I finally feel really on Turkish time, sleeping through the entire night and waking up when we normally do when traveling.

Before even tea was served, Jenn feeling motivated, had us swimming across our bay to this rope hanging from the mouth of a cave. The rope was a bit too short to grab from in the water, but a little bit of climbing of the rocks and you could grasp it. I climbed up a bit but decided this would be a horrible place to get hurt so I climbed back down and we started our swim to the boat.

The warm tea was great, and breakfast was served not long after we got back to the boat. The chocolate banana friend things made a return on the menu, though I think its phyla dough not crepe. Delicious all the same.

Before we moved from our overnight anchorage, Jenn and I jumped back in to try to see the pottery at the end of the point. It wasn’t too hard to find, but a good distance out. I forgot to bring my camera with me, but we’re not too convinced than they’re ancient or anything. It seems impossible for something like that to still be discernable thousands of years later in such a hostile environment. We have an image of some guy making a tourist trap but pushing them overboard 50 years ago or something.

We then moved onto our midday location following a similar pattern to before. Here we an ancient structure built right at the water’s edge, half deconstructed by time, said to be a bath Cleopatra was known to have visited. We also have the option of another hike, steeper than the last and about as long to an overlook well above the harbor and a view to another bay on the other side of the isthmus. The trail was part of the Lycian Way I believe and well-marked. The hike was just long enough to get really hot, a bit tired, and very hungry but the reward was a spectacular views.

Back down at the water’s edge we found Sonny cleaning fish. Lunch would be ready in an hour and fresh fish was definitely on the menu.

I felt stinky from the hike so I jumped in and Jenn joined me. The water felt colder than before but it was refreshing and cleansing. We didn’t have to wait long for lunch.

The fish was pretty tiny, and there weren’t enough of them to quite go around without it just being a bite or two. You had to really pick around the bones. But that said, the rest was tasty and I can’t say I didn’t eat my fill.

Right before lunch the wind really picked up, and didn’t die down the rest of the time we were in the cove. I had wanted to swim to the ruins and a rope swing not too far from us, but the breeze made swimming sound unappealing so we stayed on board. I regret this a little, but you can only do 1 thing at a time without breaking the laws of space-time, so sitting on the deck reading in the sun it is.

I’ve actually made really fast progress through The Windup Girl book I’m reading and the story is just picking up pace in the second half. It’s not going to last me the trip.

We pulled anchor not long after to head to Sunset Cove and with a string breeze at our packs they unfurled the foresail, the only one on the boat, and turned off the engine making a decent pace for just a little jib. The wind carried us about halfway to our destination before dying completely and the engine had to come back on.

At sunset cove it was still a bit too cold for us to want to get in the water, though Ahmed has a pet octopus that he feeds, and I was ready to jump in to see that. Somehow though it got lost in translation and he took Jim and Kim while we were all sitting around talking and we missed the boat as it were. Maybe we can convince Ahmed tomorrow morning to feed him again and coax him out from under his rock for some photos.

The feeling on the boat is definitely that of the trip being at its conclusion with everyone exchanging emails and notes on the places they’re going next. We have some good recommendations on what to see and where to eat for the rest of our time in Turkey now, though Rhodes is a bit under researched. I need to find some internet to use trip advisor and find us a hotel. The sights there are an old town ringed by a wall and a castle. Not to mention Greek food and sun.

We watched the sun set chatting with our shipmates.

Dinner per usually as great, though it didn’t shine a light on the first two nights. After stuffing ourselves again Ahmed sat down with us, and Anne grilled him about his wedding plans, inviting us along. She suggested we could each bring a dish and that turned into us all going around the table saying what we’d cook.

After a point the conversation died and everyone was just starring off exhausted. It was time for bed.


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