Belize Wedding Day 5: Sailing

Well no last minute ability to convince my father to stick to the original plan so Jenn and I went early down to Frenchies to explain that Nick, Alyssa and Don would not be going to Turneffe. If they needed us to make the boat go we’d still go, but we’d rather stay on shore to stick with the group. They were reluctant but understood and let us out of our commitment. I think without us they basically had the minimum number of people and so made little to no money on the day… I still feel very guilty about this, and also feel a bit of the Fear Of Missing Out on not going to Turneffe. It’s still something I want to do one day, though after this trip I feel like we’ve done basically all we wanted to do in Belize and probably won’t be coming back for a while.

Once we were sure we didn’t need to be on the boat we headed to our favorite breakfast place, Amour y Café, where we happened to run into Oly and Marc and the Schneiders grabbing grub before heading out for a day of fishing. I messaged Jose and Shintaro to let them know where we were and they joined us about when our food was finished. Man those grilled cheese and pineapple sandwiches are great.

Jenn was feeling a little under the weather after breakfast and I’m kind of glad she wasn’t on a boat to Turneffe feeling obligated to go diving. And I was glad to be available if she needed me. She went back to our room while Shintaro, Jose and I went looking for the place we’d seen yesterday with a Laser dinghy out front hoping to go for a bit of a sail. The wind had really picked up in the night and was blowing a good 25 kn at least.  We eventually found them but they hadn’t opened yet. It is island time after all. After wasting some time the owner showed up and we explained we had plans to go diving but wanted to get in some sailing before. Shintaro again surprisingly me with how game he was to try something new signed up to go for a sailing lesson.  Both boats were slowly rigged, a Laser for me and Jose and something a bit smaller but similar in hull shape that I didn’t recognize for Shintaro. I asked Jose if he was ok getting those shorts wet or if he’d rather change into swim trunks, to which he shrugged off.

We got going and beat mostly upwind down the beach and turned to reach a bit back. Tacking wasn’t too bad, but jibing was difficult, with the laser being pretty unstable and managing my weight and Jose’s weight with a tiller that was WAY too long for 2 people in the boat. A few more times down the beach and a couple of close calls we worked our way back towards the beach. On one of our jibes didn’t go right, and we went over. I righted the laser just fine, and got Jose back on. He then pulled his phone out of his pocket and said “thank god I turned it off” oh my… He then was saying he had no idea we’d be swimming. I feel bad. I thought I’d made it clear we’d be getting wet even if we didn’t capsize. On our next jibe the boom fell off. What?! I found that the vang had come off and figured out how to get it back. I don’t know how it came loose; I didn’t adjust it at all. We headed back to the beach but the wind was shifting and the beach was nearly directly down wind. Each jibe at this point we capsized as well, exhausted we brought the boat in. Back at the beach I found the vang was detached again! I think that was the big cause of the issues. The cleat wasn’t really holding at all, so the boom wasn’t under control. It was hard to not feel a bit defeated though. I expected the laser to be much easier to sail even with the higher winds and managing Jose’s weight. I almost want to go back later on my own and give it another go solo, but maybe that will wait till I’m back home.

I went back to the room from there to grab Jenn because we had plans to go diving alongside the DSD group and found her sound asleep on the couch. My cold seems to have gotten a real hold and it’s good she didn’t go to Turneffe today, it would probably sink the rest of our trip if she got totally knocked down by the cold.

Basically everyone who went diving yesterday wanted to go again and we had a few snorkelers. We gathered at Frenchies and I had just enough time to grab some jerked chicken from a BBQ on the beach. Oh my god it was good. Spicy, juicy, and tons of flavor. My mouth is watering thinking about it right now.

Frenchies I think might be a little pissed about us bailing earlier, but how can they stay upset with me after I bring them a bunch of people to go diving/snorkeling inside the local reef where they make more money.  We fill the boats and try to negotiate lower rates for the rated divers to tag along, but they’re not having it. Then it becomes clear that part of the problem is that they don’t have room for ALL of us because 2 others are on the boat already, so I give Alyssa the last spot and Jenn and I stay on shore waving good bye. I’m a bit more bummed now I didn’t go to Turneffe with Robyn, but woulda, coulda shoulda. Instead Jenn and I wandered around town a bit waiting for everyone to return for dinner.

There was some dissent about where to have dinner, not everyone was super impressed with Roses, and with only 1 more dinner on the island people wanted to try something else. The problem is there isn’t anywhere else really that can easily seat a party of 20. Tomorrow we’ll switch it up when we’re a group of 10. We tried a local pasta place that’s supposed to be excellent with handmade pasta, but we were told they would need a day’s notice, so we settled for Habanero’s, a fusion restaurant for tomorrow night and Italian the day after. Some people though after the diving caught a bite somewhere else and then just joined to be social.

Shel’s group of fishers had caught enough fish for everyone and roses cooks them up for pretty cheap, so we just had them cook all the fish. I ordered the shrimp but didn’t find it that great, and when I saw the price tag at the end of the night wow, not the best choice! I liked the fish better.

On our way back we made a more concerted attempt to find the cake lady but no luck. We went all the way to the split before making our way back towards the other end and our rooms. Amy has really surprised me with how adventurous she’s been.


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