Belize Wedding Day 6: Parting

Shintaro, wanting to get home early had booked through Avianca and had an early flight out of Caye Caulker, at around 8am. We set an alarm to be able to meet him for breakfast and our favorite Amore y Café. We said our good byes. Until next time!

Today we have to move our stuff to another beach house as part of a shuffle after the Oasi misplaced reservation. We’re now to be right across the driveway from where my parents moved after the first night. As I mentioned previously they had to spend their first night in a house we decided not to take that didn’t have AC and wasn’t especially comfortable. Luckily it was just one night and they moved into a house nicer than the one we ended up in the second night because of it. Now we’re joining them in the same group with a comparable house with a pool shared with another house. Most everyone was leaving mid day, and with Jenn under the weather today was all about saying good byes and relaxing, mostly poolside. We had a bit of a rotation of people coming to our house with their stuff to wait until their flight. With Shintaro and Steven leaving, Sara was all alone at the other end of the island. The plan was for her to crash at the Black Pearl with Pam, Chuck, Alyssa, Nick, Linda and Roger where Robyn had stayed. So I picked up Steven and Sara in the ChuckWagon™ and brought them back to our house to hang out.

We swam for a bit but eventually Amy showed up and Jenn suggested Cards Against Humanity, this funny but absolutely inappropriate card game. Inside our bags were partway up the stairs on a landing and as I walked up a couple steps to my bags I somehow slipped and fell hard on my back. As I fell the thought that went through my head was “fuck, I can’t break a bone right now!” A bit stunned I got up very sore but all in one piece. Everyone came running in having heard the huge bang and my cursing to see if I was alright. Man that’s going to leave a big old bruise! With some ice and the cards we went back outside to get to our game.

Lisa and Shel being especially careful with not missing their flight home took and early flight back to Belize City so we said good bye to Amy and them. A bit over an hour later we said goodbye to Steven, Robyn, Alyssa, Nick, Marc and Oly as well. Our group is getting smaller all the time. We’re now down to 10 from our original 20 on the island. By now it was midday and the day quickly slipping away.

We spent most of the rest of the day napping, relaxing by the pool, and walking around the island. The cold has definitely set in with Jenn now, she’s feeling pretty miserable and lethargic. Luckily we’re on a tropic island where there is little better to do than nap and relax.

I left Jenn to go walk around town with my father and see if he could solve his issue of wanting to do a private unguided dive. We found a very large dive service that’s on the island but they were booked full, and were unwilling to do an unguided tour. Apparently it’s the law that divers need to be accompanied. Leaving my dad ranted about how BS this was, and I gave up trying to argue and struck out on my own, I wanted to check in with a couple of other dive shops I knew about.

The first wasn’t open yet, so I stopped in at this shop that sold “mini donuts” that they make with some automated machine right there in front of you and then dip them in cinnamon and sugar. They reminded be a bit of churros and would be really successful in a food truck or cart. My first thought was it’d be best in a less health conscious place as Southern California, but there Krispy Kreme restaurants in LA that do just fine.

By the time I finished the dive shop I wanted to check in on was open, but sadly they were doing Spanish Bay, the same location as Frenchies. I’m not interested in more dives inside the reef. So far the best diving has bar none been in the atolls outside of the reef. Oh well moving on to the next dive shop, the last I plan to check in at, but they’re closed. Well failure. I guess it’s time to go back to the room and see if Jenn is up.

As I got back to the house I remembered I needed to stop in at Oasi to pay. My parents as it turns out had ended up here with Luciana. My dad is still ranting about the diving situation. Luciana as it turns out used to be a dive instructor and tells them there are a number of reasons. Some people had gotten hurt and that was the main of it, but there were also problems with divers damaging the reef.

Arriving back at the house Jenn is sound asleep. She didn’t even get her jammies on, just crashed. Sara was also there staking out the downstairs couch. We had some laundry to do at this point, and it was time to get started. The new house had a washing machine and drying line. There was even some left over detergent, so I started my first load.

We had originally planned to eat at a place called Habanero’s, but we didn’t have a reservation, and they couldn’t take our party of 10 until 8pm instead of the 7 we’d planned. We weren’t able to get in contact with everyone else to let them know they had an extra hour so we all pretty much walked around town or had a drink at the bar. I ran down to the dive shop that had been closed and found out that they were in fact doing a trip to Turneffe if they could get 2 more. I found my dad and tried to get him to go, but he wasn’t having any of it. No allies! I’m frustrated not getting to dive with him more after all these years and us finally being on vacation together on a tropical island now that I’m certified.

We also made reservations for tomorrow night at Pasta Per Casa, where all of the pasta is hand made fresh. The owner said 8pm or don’t bother showing up!

I spend the rest of the hour at the restaurant bar enjoying a cold beer. Interestingly Linda and Roger had started a conversation with someone there from America who turned out to be cruising like we had when I was younger and had sailed down to Guatemala and were on a side trip into Belize to see the country and investigate here and in Honduras for good places to weather the Hurricane season next year. They would get together as a family and sail for 6 months at a time down the coast, putting the boat into a safe harbor, and then going home to work for the other 6 months. I’m not sure how far they intended to go in the end, but they’re making their way down to Panama and then back up the Caribbean. We talked for most of the rest of the hour until it was time for us to be seated.

Habanero’s was pretty good food, but also on the expensive side even for America and the food didn’t live up. Not that there are TONS of options on the island or anything. I think we’ve also been a bit spoiled with how excellent Black Rock was.


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