Belize Wedding Day 7: Wind

We needed a change of pace, Amore y Café is great and all, but variety is the spice of life. Today we wandered into town to look for something different for breakfast. As we walked down one of the main roads, we heard my parents call out to us and looked around confused. Eventually we figured out they were on a second floor balcony having breakfast which they invited us to join them for. They had had the same thought as we did, and found a place selling stuffed Fry Jacks, a local breakfast food.

We’d gotten a bit of a late state and it was pretty hot out. The balcony didn’t have a fan so it was getting even hotter. Wow we baked. Fry Jacks are a pastry, often triangular with an air pocket in the center and a fried outside. Black Rock’s were soft with a light dusting of sugar, and this restaurant’s were stuffed with ham and cheese. Delicious.

Today with everyone gone, and Jenn under the weather with no trip to Turneffe, I’m going to chill for most of the day and then take a windsurfing or kiteboarding lesson. I’ve wind surfed before, but about 15 years ago on an inflatable board, from which I remember nothing but to not stick my butt out, and keep my back straight. After breakfast Sara and I walked to the other end of the island, down by the split, to try to negotiate rates for kiteboarding. The guy who runs the shop gave Sara a little bit of a deal, but did a great job on un-selling me on kiteboarding. 2hrs of kiteboarding cost $300. 1hr of windsurfing cost $100, and I could rent the board the next day if I liked for cheap. He also said that if we learned quick, by the end of that 2hrs we might be able to stay up for 10ft, but 50% of people never even make it up by 2hrs. It looks really cool though, and I’ve watched a number of videos of kite boarders racing Moths and 49ers. I just think I’ll have more fun with the windsurfing, so I sign up for that while Sara picks the kiteboarding.

I spent the rest of our relaxed morning with Jenn, and adding some laundry to the line. It’s very pleasant, but at the same time it’s so hard to get time to go on trips, and it’s expensive too, I feel like I’m wasting time when I’m not going going going all the time, especially if I’m not completely worn out from some crazy adventure.

Wanting some lunch before the windsurfing Sara, Jose and I set out at noon, looking for some street bbq like yesterday but the guy wasn’t out. I had a vague memory we’d gotten food from him a year before and he was Terry’s BBQ, so we found his nearby sign and headed down to his house/restaurant and ordered. Man the food took forever, so long we asked for it to go, but that took so long we could have eaten by the time it was ready to go. He told us 10 minutes for the food, but it was nearly 45 by the time we left. It was delicious of course, but damn! Sara went early to check in for us, and we were bringing her food. The slowness made us late instead of early for our windsurfing, and by the time we got there Sara was already out on the water. I scarfed down what I could and ignored the guy’s warnings to take it easy haha.

Jose at this point went back to join the others who were taking a trip around the island with the guy who organized the fishing trip previously for a portion of the group.

Out on the water I got the basics of windsurfing down pretty quickly, though I had some trouble with the footwork and balance from time to time. Sara pretty universally was frustrated by the kite, which sounds pretty par for the course learning that sport it sounds like. The instructor I had was Dutch and it was fun teaching him the English words for halyard. I was able to jibe and tack pretty ok, though I used more space than I’d like, and I couldn’t point as close to the wind as I thought I should be able to. I also felt really underpowered with the learner sail despite the good breeze. I did ok with a beach launch, but struggled with a powered up jibe.

Eventually my parents found me out there and sat down on a bench to watch. The others on their boat trip around the island had stopped at the split to hand feed tarpon which looked absolutely crazy as the fish are REALLY big and jump out of the water for the fish. After the tarpon feeding they swung by us and watched as we went through our lessons cheering us on.

My instructor told me when we were done that if I wanted to come back tomorrow, I’d get a super cheap rate. I tried to convince him of my need for a larger sail, but he didn’t think it was a good idea. I think if I had the larger normal sail, even if I had to luff it all the time, it would at least when the breeze cooperated, enough power to lean into, and from my understanding allow me to point closer to the wind. No dice. I don’t think I’m going to have quite enough time, and I don’t quite feel like a super early wake up to go down there wind surf, shower and check out.

Back at the house after we finished Jose started laundry and I tossed in a couple items. I don’t know if this is my last opportunity, but it should get me to the end of the trip.

I’ve been looking forward to dinner all day, Pasta per Casa smelled amazing. We arrived a bit before 8 because we were told arrive on time or no dinner for you! However our table was occupied and the people were not anxious to leave. We kind of hovered around a bit to make them realize they were holding up our reservation, but that wasn’t that successful. No shame! We even started taking their seats after some of them got up and left, but the stragglers took their sweet time. I once read an article that said that people who know someone wants their spot in a parking lot on average take 20% more time to leave than those who don’t, and that seemed to extend to restaurant tables.

Dinner was as amazing as I’d hoped. I chose the meat option as opposed to the non-meat option (that’s as far as the menu went), and wasn’t disappointed. For once the vegetarian option was actually better, butternut squash ravioli in white sauce.

Tonight is our last night on the island, tomorrow we fly to Belize City and then connect on to Roatan Honduras, leaving my parents to go back to Texas.


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