Belize Wedding Day 11: Home

I’m sad to go. I feel like I’ve done what I came to do, but I know I’d love to have another day diving, maybe a day hiking as well, and a day just lying around to end it all wouldn’t be too bad. But I’m satisfied.

We start at 5am to leave at 5:45 to catch our flight. We’re 7 of the 9 going on the flight so even if I feel stressed I know it’s completely irrational, they’re not leaving without our group. As we check in, they’re clearly waiting on us. George and his wife from the flight out is on our flight home as well, and he knows they aren’t leaving  without us and takes the opportunity to do some last minute shopping while our train wreck of a group goes through check-in.

Really there wasn’t any reason to rush, our flight to Belize is delayed with fog at our destination. We have a fair amount of time until our afternoon flight, so that’s not a problem as long as we get going at some point and I’m confident it’ll burn off.

As we take off finally, there is a waterspout outside our window which is a bit unnerving, but at the same time I’ve never actually seen one before, and it’s mesmerizing. We’re in our normal Cessna Caravan this time flying slower and lower, but this affords us great views of Roatan, and then a number of atolls along the way off Belize’s coast including Turneffe. One day Turneffe, one day.

We had originally thought to take a trip out to the Belize Zoo after landing and going through customs before our flight, but with the delay we only have a few hours, and none of us are that motivated so we elect to just check in and go through customs.

Our flight takes off on time and we’re finally state side. We’re a bit tight on time leaving customs, but then our next flight to LA is delayed. We eat at a TGI Fridays or something like it next to the Nissan Team I’m guessing fresh from testing the GTR-LM at The Circuit of the America’s where I’ve seen articles about them putting their Le Mans contender through its paces. It feels weird eating at a chain restaurant.

It’s really late but we finally get home and on the Flyaway bus. We took the same bus down engaged with big bags and fancy clothes, and we’re coming home sunburned with sand in our shoes and trekking packs married with new rings on our fingers. I’m still not used to mine and twirl it all the way home.


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