India Day 0: The Long Way Round

We’re off again. I took so long getting to the end of the journals I started for our wedding trip that I’m rolling right into the next one 7 months later.

We’re off for a 2 with Indo-Tour, first to India to be a part of good friend Maneesh’s wedding in Lucknow, followed by a bit of pre-arranged touring through Rajasthan before starting on our honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.

Today is a long day. Very very long. Our flight is technically tomorrow at 1am, so we start the day at 6 getting our last things ready before heading to work.

Since the last trip we’ve added a puppy to the mix, a young Golden Retriever named Kiema who is now 11 weeks old I believe and a handful. My Mother-In-Law Pam has helped us so much getting settled with this ball of energy and is further helping us by taking care of her while we’re gone. She’s gone up mid-week with Jenn’s car to NorCal so Jenn is without a ride and today took an Uber down to LA.

We work full days today before taking another Uber to the Van Nuys flyaway where we’re catching down to LAX. From LAX we fly to Taipei with a 2 hour layover before continuing to New Delhi where we have a long customs transit and a bit of a layover before a domestic flight to Lucknow, Maneesh’s home town.

We’re joined by one other friend from LA, Omer, who happened to book the exact same flights all along the way to Lucknow. We’re to be met by

Between the time zones and the over 24hrs of flying or airports, we take off at 1am Friday LA time and land at 5:30pm Saturday Lucknow time. At least the time zones will help us on the way back home when we arrive in LA 2hrs local time before the time our flight takes off from Bali (provided it’s not delayed like half our flights seem to be).

Tomorrow though should be fun. If you can call tomorrow “tomorrow” and not “the day after tomorrow”. We’re going shopping for wedding attire with Maneeh’s sister and brother.


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