India Day 0: Epilogue

I blazed through yesterday’s journal and I think I needed to do it more justice, so here is a bit of an epilogue to day 0.

We had a bit of trouble in LA with our e-visas in that China Air didn’t know they were a thing and had to call India to verify. I found the state dept website to re-assure myself that I did things right before the lady came back with confirmation. Omer who is on the same flight with us was a ways behind us so we probably sped things up a bit for him.

We also had a lot of trouble all the way to Lucknow with other travelers trying to cut in front of us and being particularly rude. Omer called out a lady in New Delhi Airport and her response was “I just have a quick question” to which he said “look lady, we all just have a quick question, we’re all just trying to find our gate” which was very on point.

Getting off the plane I’m not sure which hit me first, the humidity or the smell of burning trash. Maneesh was really excited at the idea of our culture shock, but all 3 of us have been around a bit and though it’s not our norm, or necessarily our comfort zone, it’s not a world we’ve not seen before. The craziness of the traffic though was pretty impressive, and the amount of smog.


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