Bali Day 6: Alpha

Today there wasn’t much time for anything. We’re basically a half day of transit and then a half day and more transit to end the trip. On the bright side we’re on beautiful tropical islands with great service, life could be much worse!

We did today have breakfast at our own hotel, and then back to reading a little before leisurely packing.

So I wasn’t sure how this bill was going to work out with the whole room credit. That’s why I wanted to use as much of it as I could. Turns out they were super equitable to us, and figured out the tab, and cashed us out the rest in Rupiah. This was super useful as it meant we got a favorable exchange not having to hit an ATM, and this should carry us through the airport with some food there and what not.

We had packed up a bit early wanting to be at the ferry early enough because we didn’t want to be stuck on the roof, and we also wanted time to worry about our room bill without it being a problem. This gave us time to spend some of our new cash on ice teas at the little café doing brisk business across from the main dock. More than once we thought “oh that must be our ferry” only to find that no, there are just that many going in and out of here.

There was a woman next to us smoking, luckily down wind. Suddenly we hear a loud pop and everyone is like what was that?! She’s as bewildered as us until she realizes her lighter has just exploded, plastic shards flying right where she had been seated. I’d never heard of that before. The dangers of smoking go beyond just slow painful death apparently. Apparently you could be hit with plastic shrapnel from exploding lighters that overheated too.

Speaking of health, we’re both feeling much better today, sore throats gone all round, just some lingering congestion I expect will stick with us the rest of the way home and then some. Watch out America, we’re bringing the SARS back with us!

Like the first time, our fastboat is friggen hot, sticky, and cramped. And the bus ride back to Sanur was bumpy but not half as crazy as last time. We make it back to our hotel with time for a swim before dinner.

Puri Santrian staff greet us with drinks and a “Welcome Back” which is amazing with all the guests they get we’re memorable enough to be greeted like that. We check in and end up with a similar room in the same “exclusive” section of the resort. We enjoy a late late lunch at 3:30 on the beach and then a swim in the pool before reading after sunset and an early bed.



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