Myanmar Day 5: Kawthaung

The day so boring I forgot to make an outline the night it was over.

We had a late morning flight out of Yangon down to Kawthaung to be in the area before our cruise the next morning. The airlines aren’t reliable enough to head down the morning of and be sure you wouldn’t miss the boat. We did have enough time though for a lateish wakeup which was nice after so many early mornings in a row, and breakfast with the family. Merchant Art Boutique hotel really doesn’t know how to do breakfast though. I ordered eggs benedict, which with so many French Expats I figured would turn out ok, but it was a bit of odd tasting sausage in the middle of barely toasted white bread with a poached egg on top (no hollandaise sauce). I also had a tomato toasty coming which wasn’t hardly toasted, or warm enough to melt the cheese at all. The other’s orders were just as bad.

We collected our things and hailed a cab expecting it to take a while and called up to Pam and Chuck to say goodbye for a week. The cab was basically already there and waiting, so we said our quick goodbyes when they came down the elevator. Pam was almost teary, but we’ll see them in a week.

The airport was less busy this time, and we had plenty of time to get through security and to our gate. This time our flight is with Myanmar National Airlines. I’m a bit hesitant to use them because I believe they’re government owned, but I’m hopeful with the regime change last year, that’s no longer the bad thing it once was to support. Apex and KBZ were both full on economy so MNA was half the price this time. I wish I’d bought the flight a bit earlier.

We ran into other people from an earlier flight on MNA that had been delayed from 8am to the now 10am flight. There was also some confusion with the wrong gate being used multiple time for different flights causing people from the delayed flight to get in our line as we left before they did. I’m surprised, but this time we’re flying in a jet, I was expecting a puddle jumper.

I had tried to email Victoria Cliff Hotel, our next hotel about a transfer as I was told there aren’t many taxis at the airport. But I had never gotten a response. I had asked Burma Boating to set up the transfers and they’d responded just with the ones to the boat, so I thought I was going to need to get my own taxi, but as soon as we stepped off the plane there was someone there with a Burma Boating sign and our name on a dry erase board. Two other couples were picked up as well. Surprisingly Immigration had an officer here checking foreign passports which was kind of odd to me, this isn’t one of the regions that requires special permission to visit, so who knows. We were told to not worry about the bags, they would get them and they just asked for the colors since we didn’t have our bag claim tickets. This made us nervous, but soon enough we had our bags on the bus, and 1000 kyat lighter.

When we checked in we had to leave our passports with the front desk, so we went to the restaurant for lunch. I ordered the Indonesian fried rice with chicken and Jenn had the Tom Yum. They sent out the friend rice with shrimp which was $2 more expensive, so I told them that wasn’t what I ordered. Both were off the chart spicy, hotter than anything I had on the street in Thailand spicy. Neither of us could eat them. When we got our rooms one of the first things I did was take an Alka-Seltzer for the expected heart burn.

We changed into our swimwear and headed to the pool. The water wasn’t quite as cold as the other pools thank god. We met an Englishwoman who had looked to do our cruise, but hadn’t managed to get a birth, and so they had gone out to a resort in the islands that Victoria Cliff had done a soft open for with one of the few finished rooms. We had tried to get a resort in the islands we were visiting for Pam and Chuck, but the only other one I knew about was closed for renovations and had terrible reviews. I’m glad we ended up with the plan we have of them going to Bali while we do the cruise, there is so much more to do in Bali.

There were also some young men from Yangon horsing around in the pool, and at some point they joined us and asked to take our picture. Which is kind of weird sitting in a Jacuzzi in your swimsuit. We told them no, it made us uncomfortable but then they took the photo anyway. I think it’s something similar to how it is in India where they want to post it to social media to show they’re vacationing where the foreigners are vacationing.

At this point we were kind of done for the night and decided it best to just enjoy a shower, some down time, and then dinner.

For dinner we needed something plain so we split an order of pad thai noodles, which I’ve never had spicy, but we re-affirmed with the waiter, not spicy.



2 thoughts on “Myanmar Day 5: Kawthaung

  1. The food in Kawthaung (although perhaps not in Victoria Cliff Hotel) is not bad. It is a nice and neat little place to chill, although no much happening. I like it that it is more laid back, but at the same time still neater and more pleasant than Yangon’s hustle. Far fewer tourists, which helps. My next trip is to Taiwan as well, in March.

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